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Open Source

The challenge is to understand how this program works, and add to it a new computational-geometry algorithm, such as: finding a shortest hamiltonian path, finding a largest blocked circle, dividing a polygon to equi-area parts, etc.

  • Contributing to a beautiful software with many worldwide users.
  • Cooperating with many worldwide software developers.
  • Contributing to an open-source project greatly improves your CV.

  • Challenges:
  • Downloading, compiling and running such a large software-system is itself a project.
  • Understanding how it works is another project. So, even a single addition could be considered a great achievement.

  • Drones

    Because they become available, cheap and have improved performance, they make it possible to perform many useful tasks, but may pose a safety and security hazard. In the proposed project we will refer to the situation in which a skimmer tries to protect a certain area from another skimmer.

    In the first stage of the proposed project we will try to create an application in which the hovercraft reaches autonomously to a certain point in a space where a static target (eg ball or balloon) is located. A system of cameras identifies the target location and directs the skimmer to the same point. The project is based on hardware (cameras and remote) that will be available to participants.

    Immersive Marketing / Wearable Computing

    The idea presented below comes from the areas of innovation in marketing and advertising combined with technologies called Marketing Immersive To refresh marketing experiences and to disseminate content to the mind in creative and original ways, including the "customer cover" and its physical integration as part of the experience. For example, an advertisement for hot sandwiches that is placed at a bus station and includes heating elements in the ceiling of the station.

    Typical Scenario:

    In a typical pub, people sit and enjoy themselves, at some point an advertisement appears on the television screens showing a soccer player Advertising a certain type of drink, at the end of the advertisement the player kicks in the direction of the screen and the ball hits the "inside". This hit constitutes a signal which brings to life a variety of products (glasses, scarves) and they present lighting games in a variety of colors. Other situations such as football can be described, with fans of a group who have scored a goal and hold a cup or wear team shirts to display a dazzling and coordinated lighting (such as a wave of light) during the joyous joy.

  • Local synchronization capability between the television broadcast and decision making
  • Select an appropriate communication translator (IR, WiFI, BLE) and develop a simple and reliable protocol

  • What do I need?

    Physical computing components including MCU such as 8266 / ESP32, LED bulbs, sensors and IR lights (upon request). C / C ++ language


    C / C ++ language

    Matching Point
    The Problem:

    Being a student at Ariel University is challenging. The vast majority of students living in Ariel face a known problem of lack of communication with businesses in the area. There are two interfaces of students and businesses in the area. The first is as consumers and the other is as employees. We intend to work on the second interface.

    Our Solution:

    We intend to build an application that will create a matching point between the students and businesses and factories that are located in Ariel and in industrial zones in the region.

    As a result, the students who will be living in Ariel in the coming years will be able to work in the area at jobs compatible with their unique qualifications and accessibility. As a result they may even remain in Ariel at the end of their studies.

    What is the tangible product from the Hackathon:

    We want to remain realistic so, at the end of the Hackathon, there will be a simple preliminary application that we can present to the judges.

    Who are we and what are we missing:

    We are fourth year students of industrial engineering and management. We deal with entrepreneurship in personal life. We are looking for Computer Science students who can bring themselves and their knowledge to succeed in this important project.

    For more info:

    Arad Woldenberg, 053-6288660

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